GeoNames Map Explorer iOS App

Release Notes:


GeoNames Map Explorer iOS 1.0 

Initial full featured public release Of this award winning app

Improvments,Sugesstions and feature requests by NGA GeoNames Team/Office and other US Government representative and other 

  • Vector Tile Basemap (Open Street Map ) with custom stylesheets
  • Support for User Local MBTILES Raster Tiles
  • User MBTILES Vector Tiles with styling option
  • User local GPKG Raster Tiles in EPSG:3857 are supported (device data)
  • GPKG Vector Features (user device data) can now be shown in the map (two ways Vector 2 Raster Tiles with Styling or as Vector)
  • Attribute Grid/Table view for GPKG vector features and GeoJSON with sort and search
  • New Feature for GPS Tracker/GPX Recorder with export to GeoJSON so it can be shown on the main map
  • Now includes NGA GeoNames Contact and Feedback Email Form
  • Removed navigation feature – had some random hard to reproduce bugs. Will introduce it when we add MapBox V10 and the new navigation.
  • New Placemarks feature record notes about locations and automatically adds MGRS and GARS Grid information. Merges Bookmark feature into Placemarks
  • GeoLocation GNSS Widget (different than the center of map widget on the map) and also shows Latitude, Longitude, MGRS, GARS, Speed in metric km/h and miles/hour, Bearing, Altitude in both feet and meters and Magnetic Declination (this is sourced from fine grain geolocation sensor GPS/GNSS/Glonass) with ability to share location
  • New Vector Overlay – US State Department Official International Boundaries  – Global LSIB Polygons Detailed 2017Dec29
  • New Vector Overlay – Reference Lines (Equator, Tropics, Meridians) – from natural earth data
  • disclaimer and details about data
  • Labels and Improvements for Online Overlays with labels – timezones, US States, MGRS Grid, GARS Grids
  • New Default OSM- Open Street Map Vector Tile Stylesheet with Labels for Populated Places/Administrative removed (original style is also available)
  • Improved GeoNames Search both online and offline and speed of search
  • New Satellite Imagery Basemap in OSM Styles (Hybrid)
  • New offline location widget based on Global Administrative Boundaries data available as optional download gadm.gpkg (needs to be converted to geojson to be shown on the map. 1.2 will add a widget to show the user what Country they are in with that data)
  • Go to Coordinates added GARS GRID Cell
  • webservices (internet required) Sunrise, Sunset, Country Code, Timezone, Country, Time, Elevation
  • webservices – Nearby Search (find nearby GeoNames from your map location)
  • Measure Linear distances and Area in both metric (meters) and US Customary Units (feet/Miles)
  • Geolocation turned on by default (1.0 Users needed to enable toggle) Shows user location on the map with icon/marker
  • OpenStreetMap (OSM) Overpass API (internet required) search in an area of Points of Interest and Amenities
  • Compass with Magnetic Declination (currently requires internet uses a US Government NOAA website)
  • Include Version number in the app with link to release notes
  • Online/Offline Toggle Improvements
  • Improvements to list of values for Feature Class and Feature Designated Code (JSON lists stored part of the app)
  • Support for Optional Offline Data (raster tiles mbtiles) now being able to be shown on the Map – Satellite Imagery and Hillshade
  • Device Data now accessible online or offline
  • Ability to share all downloaded data from AOI Requests Download Screen (local share feature)
  • Dark Mode Improvements and fixes
  • Switching AOI’s (Area of Interest Regions) better error handling and zoom to the location.
  • GeoRequest Area of Interest Improvements and error handling.
  • Geotagged images/photos
  • Initial full featured public release Of this award winning app
  • Mapbox basemaps
  • Openweather map weather layers
  • Range rings /distance rings
  • Tile downloader
  • Distance and bearing
  • File Manager with wifi sharing and cloud file sharing
  • Document viewer PDF and Ms office formats