GeoNames Map Explorer iOS App

GeoNames Map Explorer iOS App is an app designed for maintaining your situational awareness and getting around in a foreign Country.

It has NGA’s Foreign GeoNames & USGS Domestic GeoNames databases setup in highly optimized fashion for display on map and searching. The app supports Audio Playback Pronunciations

The app works immediately after install with internet access

The map, search and audio playback work with data on Tech Maven Geospatial’s server.


Searching by Filtering Feature Class and Feature Designated Code

Available to US Government Users and

others via the NGA’s GEOINT App Store

US Government users and Foreign Partners can register for an account to download the app. Learn More



Users can view offline mapping data in the following formats

GeoJSON and MBTILES and GPKG raster tiles 3857

a vector data converter exists to convert other formats


  • Coordinate Display (Lat Long, MGRS, GARS)
  • Scale Bar
  • Measure Area and Linear Tools
  • GeoLocation with settings for tracking your location.
  • Spatial bookmarks
  •  The map has optional vector tile overlays that can toggled on
  • MGRS Grid, GARS GRID, TimeZones, International Boundaries
  • The map supports searching MapBox and OSM


 The app works equally well either Online connected to internet mapping services and API’s and Tile Servers or in a D-DIL Environment with offline mapping data and database


 GeoNames data is displayed by Feature Class and users can decide what feature classes to show. The GeoNames Display field is used to control the scaling/zoom levels of the data.

Advanced GeoNames Search and Spatial Search (constrain your queries to a certain geographic area)

Downloading Area of Interest offline Data

Required data is automatically downloaded And optional data can be selected and downloaded.


Offline Data can be downloaded for custom user defined area of interests.  


Some More Feature

Coordinate Converter Vector Converter

Loading User GPKG Feature

Geolocation Settings

GPS Tracker/Recorder

This feature GPS Tracker/GPX Recorder with export to GeoJSON so it can be shown on the main map.


New Placemarks feature record notes about locations and automatically adds MGRS and GARS Grid information. Merges Bookmark feature into Placemarks

GeoLocation GNSS Widget

Shows Latitude, Longitude, MGRS, GARS, Speed in metric km/h and miles/hour, Bearing, Altitude in both feet and meters and Magnetic Declination

Satellite Imagery Basemap

Satellite Imagery Basemap in OSM Styles 

Go to Coordinates - GARS

Go to Coordinates- GARS Grid Cell 

OSM OverPass API

search in an area of Points of Interest and Ammenities

3D Buildings when tilt map and enable 3D building style