Controlling the Display of the GeoNames data on the map.

✓  You can decide what Feature Classes to Show. By default it’s set to show all

Includes Toggles for the GeoNames Data

As well as Vector Tile Overlays

These online overlays are vector tiles produced by and served by Tech Maven Geospatial

By default they are all off

Users can toggle on/off the geonames Feature Class Categories they want to see on the map.

  • GeoNames Data is shown on the map via optimized vector tiles
  • We are utilizing the Display Field in controlling the scale dependency/zoom levels to show the data
  • As you zoom in additional data will be shown (for USA USGS GNIS there is no display field so it shows all data at all zoom levels)
  • Data starts displaying at level 5  (0-4 there are no GeoNames Displayed)
  • Vector Tiles allow overzooming of the data so there is NOT stopping the GeoNames after 15 they continue showing to 25
  • When Scale Bar Shows (you do not want to be viewing geonames data when zoomed out behind this )
  • 4 miles = about zoom level 10 (1:500,000 map scale)
  • 2 miles = about zoom level 12 (1:150,000 map scale)
  • 1 mile = about zoom level 13 (1:70,000 thousand map scale)
  • 0.5 miles = about zoom level 13.5
  • 0.25 miles = about zoom level 14 (1:35,000 thousand map scale)