OGC GPKG (GeoPackage) SQLite Database with:

  • Vector GIS Data (Vector Features)
  • Vector Tiles
  • Raster Tiles
  • Elevation/Terrain Tiles (future support for these in MapBox PNGRAW RGB Encoded Tiles)

We support GeoPackage GIS Format that contains (points, lines and polygon geometry and attributes)

You can enable a table and style the data for display on the map.

Attributes are available for searching and Information Box Popup and Attribute Table Grid.

The app supports any coordinate reference system/projection but it’s preferable that your data be in unprojected geographic WGS84 (EPSG:4326)

GPKG Raster Tiles are only supported that are Web Mercator/Auxillary Web Sphere EPSG:3857

GeoNames Map Explorer also supports GZ PBF Vector Tiles inside Geopackage with the data_type =vectortiles (this is in TMS like MBTILES ) Therefore, you can create vector tiles with tools like Tippecanoe or OGR2OGR and dump the tiles table into the gpkg and add necessary reference to the gpkg_contents table.  SQLite3 command line tool can be used for transferring or GUI SQLite editors like DBBrowser.


GPKG is fully compatible with all modern GIS Software and most mobile mapping apps.

You can create GPKG-GeoPackage with QGIS Desktop, ArcMap, ArcGIS Pro, Global Mapper, Manifold, gvSIG, UDIG and other software as well as command-line tools like OGR2OGR (GDAL)

GPKG is a SQLite database so you can also open it up on your computer with SQLite editor/viewer.


Tech Maven Geospatial has developed Tile Utilities app

https://portfolio.techmaven.net/apps/tile-utilities/  that allows building GPKG vector features from MBTILES ( Raster Tiles, Elevation/Terrain Tiles and Vector Tiles)