GeoNames Map Explorer iOS

Coming Soon New Features

We have a big and ambitious Roadmap for this app
  • Tilt Map and get 3D Terrain Perspective View (online and offline if download the mbtiles), Spot Elevation and Terrain Profile View
  • Some of the planned capabilities are from the GeoCognizant Vendor Opportunity Package (VOP)
  • Users will be able to access live weather, subscribe to alerts and notifications
  • Users will be able to get Travel Advisors
  • Find Nearest  Embassy/Consulate
  • Find Nearest – Police Station
  • Find Nearest – Hospital
  • Emergency Contacts
  • See Day/Night Times displayed on Map and as text
  • Clearly display what Country they are located in – in new widget
  • Users will be able to get CIA WorldFactbook (Online and offline), Wikipedia Pages for Countries (Online and offline)
  • Placemark/waypoint feature 1.1
  • Request additional data for offline use
  • GeoRSS to GeoJSON – Display those feeds on the Map
  • OGC SOS -Sensor Observation Service
  • Measure Distance and Area 1.2
  • Calculate Bearing and Distance 1.2
  • New go-to GARS search 1.1
  • Notebook and Audio Recorder
  • GPS Recorder Tracks and Waypoints 1.1
  • Offline Driving Directions using MapBox Navigation SDK Offline Packs
  • OSM Turbo OverPass API searching
  • Currency Conversion
  • US State Dept. E-Books in Atom-based OPDS format readable via an in-app epub viewer
  • New search and attribute grid for user loaded vector GIS Data and allowing attribute popups
    Support for OGC API Features as GeoJSON to consume data in this format – enter URL
  • Support for user OGC WFS as GeoJSON – enter URL
  • Support for user OGC WMS and ESRI MapServer- enter URL
  • Support for OGC GPKG – GeoPackage Vector Features via NGA GeoPackage Library – currently app can convert this data to GeoJSON