Data Attribution

The app uses many data sources

GeoNames Database (offline as appd.gpkg and 9 feature class vector tiles):

NGA Foreign GeoNames Data

USGS Domestic GNIS GeoNames Data

(GeoNames data has been enriched with Elevation from MapZen AWS

What3Words, PlusCodes/OpenLocationCode, GARS Grid Cell and for USA MGRS)

MapData: OpenStreetMap Vector Tiles, Contour Lines, Hillshade, Satellite Imagery

MP3 Audio processing from Google Text to Speech Engine


Vector Overlays:

International Boundaries – official from the US Dept of State

GARS Grids – NGA US Government

MGRS Grids – NGA US Government

GADM – Admin Boundaries – – opensource

US State Boundaries – Census Bureau US Government

TimeZones – Natural Earth Data – OpenSource

Urban Area – Natural Earth Data – OpenSource


ALL OVERLAYS are  Hosted at Tech Maven Geospatial’s high performance Tile Server serving vector tiles