GeoNames Map Explorer Military Defense & Intelligence

GeoNames Map Explorer iOS app Defense and Intelligence Capabilities


Advanced Map Viewer powered by Vector Tiles
Topo/Terrain Style base map with Contour lines with elevation and Hillshade
Map Annotation (Map Export and Draw tools)
GeoTagged Imagery


Coming Soon
  • TAK Client (TAK Server API) * – BFT Blue Force Team Tracking and location sharing, secure encrypted messaging and data sharing, emergency
  • 3D Terrain
  • Google Photorealistic 3D Buildings
  • Spot Elevation
  • Terrain Profile View
  • Dynamic Hillshading
  • Offline Terrain data (MapBox RGB Encoded PNG Map Tiles) available for any custom area of interest.
  • GeoFencing with alerts
  • Geospatial Video feeds


*provide your own secure TAK Serverย (Tech Maven Geospatial is NOT hosting any TAK infrastructure)ย ย TAK โ€“ Team Awareness Kit or Tactical Assault Kit

Planned Features

Custom Versions

Yes, we can build a custom version to suit your needs and requirements

We can sell source code too

We can handle encrypted SQLCIPHER AES256 Encrypted databases and map data

We can integrate with your API’s and systems

We can build special features and capabilities



Advantages over iTAK (iOS Iphone/iPAD)

  1. Online/Offline Map is Vector Tile-based and is super fast
  2. Simplified offline data downloading – Area of Interest
    1. GeoRequest AOI API – Tech Maven Geospatial curated content and basemaps and geonames data and optional data
    2. Tile Downloader
  3. Searching/Querying data (GeoJSON, GeoPackage Vector Features)
  4. Support for User loaded MBTILES ( vector tiles, raster tiles), GPKG ( vector features, raster tiles), GeoJSON & In-app vector converter to convert other formats
  5. More tools and functions are available

We are a USA Company and we can sell to any foreign company and military

We just need to receive approval from the US Dept of State and Commerce

US International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and Export Administration Regulations (EAR)