GeoNames Data from the US Government  (NGA Foreign Geonames & USGS Domestic Geographic Names)

We update the data regularly and build optimized offline capable format and load it into our custom database and API


The US Government (NGA- Foreign GeoNames and USGS-Domestic GNIS) produces a  dataset called GeoNames/ Geographic Names Information Database that includes Place Names, point of interest features, and geographic features.

This database has over 18 Million points!

Tech Maven Geospatial processes this data and optimizes it for use on mobile devices and makes it available for use offline.  We update this data monthly.

We divide up the data into nine categories:

  • Administrative

  • Populated Places

  • Locality Area

  • Streets Highways Roads Railroads

  • Hysography – Land features

  • Vegetation

  • Hydrographic – Water features

  • Undersea

  • Spot

GeoNames can be turned off – click the toggle – show arrow